Coating material from the successful supernitride generation.

Supernitrides are coatings, which thanks to their nanocomposite structure, exhibit high degrees of hardness as well as maximum durability. Just like all CemeCon PVD coatings, they are also produced using sputter technology and are therefore extremely smooth. TINALOX® SN² can be described as a multirange coating, as it successfully covers a wide range of applications from steel processes to the processing of stainless steels and cast iron processing.

  • i.  Coating material 2nd generation TiAlN Supernitride
  • ii.  Coating structure Nanocomposite
  • iii.  Color Black anthracite (+ Gold)
  • iv.  Micro hardness [HV0.05] 3 500 Maximum application temperature [°C] 1 000