The resilience of a tool determines the extent to which machine output can be translated into machining capacity. It is precisely at times when cutting technicians are confronted with high-tech materials on a daily basis that the need for efficient tools, which can keep up with these developments, is felt most profoundly. A good example of how innovative coating materials can prepare tools for the tasks they will encounter in practice is the supernitride Hyperlox®. Accurately constructed, the coating material Hyperlox® is perfectly suited for processing difficult-to-machine materials and for hard processing.

  • i.  Coating material 2nd generation AlTiN supernitride
  • ii.  Coating structure Nanocomposite
  • iii.  Color Black anthracite
  • iv.  Micro hardness [HV0.05] 3 700
  • iv.  Maximum application temperature [°C] 1 100